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The All-Terrain Stage Deck is built to exacting standards, featuring a frame constructed of Aluminium alloy 6061-T6 and an 18 mm Birch Plywood Deck, with fully adjustable “Quick-Lock” handles that lock the Stage Legs into place.


The All-Terrain Staging Decks are capable of taking up to 1 tonne of loading per square metre. These Decks have ZERO penetrations to the Stage surface, thus allowing for a flusher, far more professional finish to your staging.

Stage Decks dimensions & weights;


Stage Deck Size 2m x 1m,1m x 1m, Custom Size
Stage Deck Weight 19kg , 36kg
Stage Deck Surface Premium Black Carpet, Duraflex




Our hugely popular and ever-successful Fully Adjustable Stage Legs really set this system apart, adjustable in two ways, these Legs can do just about anything!


Firstly, our Stage Legs are telescopic, meaning you can select your nominated height from your leg’s range and fix that in to the very millimetre – and we have integrated a measurement system to ensure precision when adjusting your legs.


Secondly, for once your stage is assembled and in place, you can zoom around your system and calibrate the legs to meet flushly and perfectly with the ground you are on using the Micro-Adjustabar, of which has 50 mm of adjustments available to you for on the spot tinkering, these adjustments are also locked off with a securing bolt.


Height Adjustable Range 30cm – 40cm 40cm – 60cm
60cm – 90cm 90cm – 120cm
Custom Height Available




Our Fixed Height Leg offering is the perfect, more simplistic & cost effective solution when you want a Concert Staging System, however don’t really require access to varying heights, and will only encounter minor discrepancies in ground level.


These legs still incorporate the micro-adjustability, however they are not telescopic, please be advised that the Ball Joint connected Stage foot is an upgradable feature on this particular Stage leg.


Available Heights 20cm 30cm 40cm 60cm
80cm 90cm 100cm 120cm
Custom Height Available




Transtage’s All-Terrain Step Kits are hugely versatile, these systems come complete with the following inclusions;

  • 1 x Step Deck – measuring 1 metre step width x 30 cm tread depth x 8.2 cm deck profile
  • 4 x Step Legs – These are fixed height legs (adjustable are available)
  • 1 x Set of Stage Leg Connecting Hardware to connect Step to step and final step to Stage


Available Heights 20cm 40cm
60cm 80cm
Custom Height Available




The All-Terrain Transportation Caster Kit is a set of 4 x Heavy Duty Caster wheels with solid steel spigots and plates.


The first of your All-Terrain Stage decks is fitted with all four Casters, by inserting the spigot into the stage leg space and locking them in, once complete you overturn your stage deck, which will now rest on the steel plates, locked into the spigots on the 5 inch Casters.


Simply stack your All-Terrain Stage decks atop, including the Step decks and use the ratchets supplied to ensure safe and secure transport.




The ultimate in All-Terrain transportation, the Trolley system uses Steel to create a framework for which you can drop your All-Terrain Stage decks in to on their profile edge – which is 8.2 cm / Deck.


The Decks are then fully transportable from one locale to another on 4, 6 or 8 caster wheels, subject to the size of your Staging Decks.




Our All-Terrain Guardrails are a Steel construction, these come in 4 sizes suited to both the metric and imperial Stage deck sizing. These are connected via the profile of the Stage Deck, an adaptor is inserted into the female profile of the Stage deck, once locked in, the Guardrail end piece is then inserted into the female protrusion of the adaptor, and finally the Guardrail is locked into place via a crank of which is turned clockwise.




Transtage has two Skirt options available for their discerning customers, both of which are Fire Retardant, one of which carries quite a different price tag to the other, we offer a Pleated Polyester Skirt in black, or, the choice to upgrade to a Velvet Skirt, also in black for a more sophisticated look.


Both options come complete with 8 x Velcro activated skirt clips, of which clip on to the extrusion of the Stage decks, and finally your skirt can be attached in place. We recommend the use of one skirt clip for every 25-30cm, more can be used if the space being used is known as a high risk wind zone.



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