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Stage Deck

Each of the Premiere Series decks available from Transtage has been created with an aluminium framework and birch plywood. A cam lock system located on each deck corner enables you to easily attach it to a stage leg that provides strong support. Additionally, our Premiere Series decks contain locking cleats around the frame’s perimeter that enable you to lock and join different combinations of decks using only an Allen key. We finish each deck with a surface of hardwearing Duraflex or black carpet, whichever you prefer.


Stage Deck Size 1m x 1m,2m x 1m, Custom Size
Stage Deck Weight 12.5kg , 26kg
Stage Deck Surface Premium Black Carpet, Duraflex


Stage Legs

Our stage legs contain aluminium as well as rising support tubes manufactured from plastic. They are telescopic and you can guide them as desired after extension. You can choose something as small as 200mm and as large as 800m. Additionally, you can stack two separate legs together to achieve a different height. For example, a 20 cm leg and a 40 cm leg equals a 60 cm leg. This provides you with maximum flexibility when creating a stage with a multi-tiered appearance. Stages legs from Premiere Series have passed a load test of one tonne per square metre.


Available Heights 20cm 30cm
40cm 60cm
80cm Custom Height


Stage Step

When you need to create a step formation, a deck and rise from Premiere Series can do the job. Short risers, along with a smaller-sized deck, allow you to quickly create a stage step. The small size of the deck, which is 1m X 450 mm, and a 200mm rise allow you to create easy access to a higher stage platform. We provide a step riser clamp with each step to secure both the steps and the stage. Creating a step at half the stage platform height is ideal.


Stage Guardrail

Stage guardrails from Premiere Series keep your performers safe. You can purchase guardrails from Transtage in modular blocks for your stage and step platforms. Every stage platform comes with pre-marked holes so you can add guardrails later if you choose. All you need to do is drill a hole in the marked spots on the platform and use the mounting screws to attach guardrails. We include the hardware to connect the guardrail sections together


Stage Skirts

Our valance skirting includes high-quality fit fasteners made of pleated fabric. It’s easy to press the valance into the deck’s side because they are embroidered into the fabric. At a size of one metre, you can wrap the valance around the stage’s corner easily. We recommend a valance height based on the height of the stage leg.


Transportation Road Case

Transporting your stage is simple with the Transtage Road Case. We designed it to transport a platform stage system 1M X 1M in size and up to six pieces. The storage case has separate compartments for each platform rise. You will also find storage space for clamps, hardware, and skirts. Heavy-duty casters and brakes keep everything in place while you travel.


Transportation Caster Boards

Each of our caster boards can hold as many as 24 platforms for on-site transportation. Every caster board has a corner locking mechanism to keep the base platform in place as well as industrial ratchets and straps and manually locking caster wheels. Whether you need to store your stage between shows or move all parts of the stage system, transportation caster boards make it possible for you to do so.



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