We provide a comprehensive range of accessories, including steps, guardrails, and skirts, to fully equip your stage setup. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our accessories ensure your stage is complete and functional.

Ultra Stage 2.4m x 1.2m

Stage Deck

Constructed with a premium aluminum frame (6061-T6) featuring a special truss design, the Ultra Deck provides maximum loading capacity, capable of accommodating even the most sizable events. The legs are easy to lock into place, and multiple decks can also be connected together using the supplied bolts to ensure a seamless and secure platform.

The stage deck is finished with a low-maintenance, non-slip Duraflex surface that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

STAGE DECK SIZE: 2.4m x 1.2m, 1.2m x 1.2m, 1.8m x 0.6m
STAGE DECK WEIGHT: 48kg for 2.4m x 1.2m, 26kg for 1.2m x 1.2m
Portable Stage Adjustable Leg

Adjustable Legs

Achieve your desired stage height effortlessly with these adjustable legs. The legs’ telescopic design enables precise height extension down to the millimeter, ensuring the perfect elevation for your platform. Moreover, our uniquely designed feet include a 50mm micro-adjustment feature, guaranteeing stability on uneven surfaces.

Perfect for those who frequently adjust stage heights for various events, need to align stage height with existing platforms, or set up a stage on uneven terrain, our height-adjustable legs provide exceptional flexibility and convenience.

LOW RANGE: Any heights between 40cm – 60cm
MEDIUM RANGE: Any heights between 60cm – 100cm
HIGH RANGE: Any heights between 90cm – 120cm
Portable Stage Fixed Leg

Fixed Legs

When adjusting your stage to varying heights is not required, these fixed-height legs provide a straightforward and cost-effective solution. Simply insert them into your stage deck, lock them in place, and you’re all set.

The included micro-adjustable feet, standard with every set, allow for a 50mm adjustment to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

AVAILABLE HEIGHT: 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, and 60cm
Ultra Stage 3 Steps

Stage Step

The Ultra Stage Kit provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to adjust it to various heights to perfectly match your stage requirements.

Each step is preassembled in a range of increments (such as 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, etc.). If you need to reach a higher stage, you can easily connect multiple steps together. Conversely, for lower access, simply disconnect them as required.

This intelligent design minimises the number of parts you need and enables you to set up your steps at any desired height.

STEP SIZE: 120cm x 35cm ( L x W )
STEP HEIGHTS: 1 step to 5 steps, or custom-made
Ultra Stage Step Guardrail

Step Guardrails

Enhance your guests’ security by adding guardrails to your steps.

Our guardrails are made from heavy-duty steel and feature a sleek black coating for a polished appearance. The installation process is quick and easy; simply bolt the guardrails to the matching position on the step using the hardware provided, and your guardrails will be all set.

MATERIALS: Steel with black coating
HEIGHTS: Fit for 1 – 5 Step Kit, or custom-made
Portable Stage Skirt

Stage Skirts

Give your stage the perfect finishing touch with our pleated black Skirts.

These skirts are made from premium black velvet, treated to be fire-retardant for added extra safety. Designed for ease, they attach quickly with pre-built Velcro strips, ensuring a snug fit and easy setup. These skirts are a must-have for any event where appearance and safety are essential.

MATERIALS: Pleated Black Velvet
LENGTH: 2 Meters
HEIGHTS: 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, or custom-made
Ultra Stage Guardrail


Constructed from durable steel and coated with a sleek black finish, these guardrails offer robust protection while seamlessly blending into any stage setting.

Designed with convenience in mind, our Stage Guardrails feature an easy installation process. Simply mount the guardrails to the corresponding position on the stage using the provided hardware.

Within minutes, you can equip your stage with reliable guardrails, ensuring the safety of performers, crew, and audience members alike.

MATERIALS: Steel with black coating
SIZE: 120cm x 100cm ( L x H )
Ultra Stage Trolley

Transportation Trolley

This trolley is specially designed for transporting or storing your Ultra Stage deck.

Constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame, this trolley can accommodate up to 10 Ultra Stage decks. It features a removable frame and supporting bar, ensuring your stage remains secure during transit on your tour.

SIZES: 250cm x 125cm x 170 ( L x W x H )
Storage Case on wheel

Storage Case

The Storage Road Case is a great way to keep all other smaller components in a single place for easy transportation and storage.

It can fit up to 48 stage legs, skirts, and connection hardware. With built-in caster wheels and a lockable latch, the case is easy to transport from one location to another, keeping all your parts organised and eliminating hassle for your stage setup.

STORAGE CAPACITY: Up to 48 legs and other parts
FEATURES: Lockable Wheels, Latch, and Handle


The following prices are provided as indicative and general guidelines for some of the most popular stage sizes. Please note that these prices may vary depending on specific requirements and additional accessories. For accurate pricing, please contact us for a quote based on your requirements.

Ultra Stage 3 Decks Package

3.6m x 2.4m Ultra Stage

  • 3 x 2.4m x 1.2m Ultra Stage Decks & Legs
  • Height from 20cm – 150cm
  • Anti-slip Duraflex surface
Ultra Stage 6 Decks Package

4.8m x 3.6m Ultra Stage

  • 6 x 2.4m x 1.2m Ultra Stage Decks & Legs
  • Height from 20cm – 150cm
  • Anti-slip Duraflex surface
Ultra Stage 8 Decks Package

4.8m x 4.8m Ultra Stage

  • 8 x 2.4m x 1.2m Ultra Stage Decks & Legs
  • Height from 20cm – 150cm
  • Anti-slip Duraflex surface
Ultra Stage 12 Decks Package

7.2m x 4.8m Ultra Stage

  • 12 x 2.4m x 1.2m Ultra Stage Decks & Legs
  • Height from 20cm – 150cm
  • Anti-slip Duraflex surface


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We are delighted with our All Terrain – Stage Legs, and they certainly have met our expectations. Our experience was perfect. We really appreciate how hard your team worked to get the stage legs to us in a timely manner as we had a deadline. We were amazed at how efficient you were Peter and the timeframe in which the legs arrived.

Daniella Hargood ( Mulwaree High School )

Just a quick thankyou for your excellent customer service. We have today erected our All Terrain portable stage and our Committee is very pleased with the flexibility and quality of your product. We look forward to purchasing more panels in the future.

Trevor Brown ( Globe Theatre Community )

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and assistance and professionalism. All the stage pieces came together and all the attachments and Stage Legs an curtains were perfect. This is my first time doing all this so you dont realise how much of a relief it is to have it all work out.

Merrill D’Souza ( Matrix Entertainment )

The  Stage product supplied was what was promised and what we ordered at a competitive price . The service that we received was prompt professional and timely , especially in view of our Lead in times . To date we have used the stage at the museum , a number of times, both indoors and outdoors and found it to be very suitable for our needs,  easy to erect, stabilise , assemble and disassemble and we look forward to the stage  having an extended life . If in the future we require any further products of similar use we shall definitely contact Transtage .

Terence J Hendricks ( Redland Museum )

The client briefed us that they wanted an easy staging solution that was simple to setup plus easy to move. As this is a community hall it needs to be easy for people to setup and pack up for their events. This Mobile Folding Stage fitted the brief perfectly as they are easily to move plus setup and pack down required NO TOOLS. Highly recommend these decks for venues that need a quick and easy solution staging solutions. Look forward to getting more of these decks in venues in Adelaide.

Jonathan Heath ( Amplify This 200 Productions )

Transtage were very easy to deal with and very helpful when the stage was delivered to our retirement village. They even showed us how to put it together. We ordered the All Terrain stage and everyone was very happy with it. The service was exceptional, and delivery was prompt. Very satisfied customers. Would recommend them.

Mary Gibbons ( Living Choice Retirement Village )

I am very happy to endorse the Transtage All-Terrain Risers which the Manly Warringah Choir uses in concert performances.  They are sturdy, easy to erect and dismantle, flexible, and reasonably priced.  Furthermore, I do not know of any other product which performs the same function as well as the All-Terrain Risers. Flexibility has proved a real bonus for the Choir as we have had to move to new performance venues since Covid.  The raisers have adapted well to three venues, each requiring a different configuration.

Richard Griffiths ( Manly Warringah Choir )

The new stage we purchased is absolutely fantastic. We have yet to use it to full capacity. However are using smaller sections on a weekly basis and larger sections occasionally. The big set up will happen later. Pre sale service and after sales service have both been top shelf. Simple assembly is great. The supply of additional stage decks at the same price post the main order was also greatly appreciated. Prompt delivery of missing additional spanners also fantastic although the original and subsequent supplies turned up on the same day.

Russell Lieschke ( Mulwaree High School )

We had a fantastic experience purchasing our transportable stage through transtage.  They were prompt and accurate with the supplying of the quote.  The price was very good, especially when compared with other providers.  Shipping was free to Alice Springs with a very reasonable amount required to have it shipped further out to our remote community.  The quality is fantastic.  It is very solid and all parts arrived safely.  We have not had the chance to use it yet because of persistent rain but we erected it inside our shed and many community members have come to check it out.

Shae Thompson ( MacDonnell Regional Council )