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Height Adjustable: Making Your Outdoor Stage Setup Easy

When it comes to setting up a performance space outdoors, adaptability is key. Outdoor venues come with their own set of challenges, from uneven ground to varying audience sightlines. That’s where the transformative power of height-adjustable stages, like those from…

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Elevate Your Performance: Exploring the Benefits of Portable Choir Risers

Are you looking to take your choir performances to the next level? Portable choir risers might just be the solution you need! These versatile staging solutions offer numerous benefits that can enhance the overall experience for both performers and audiences…

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Case Study: Nepean High School’s Portable Stage Journey

Flexibility and versatility are crucial in all aspects of school operations. When it comes to performance and assembly areas, portable staging emerges as an invaluable solution. Transtage Sales Manager Peter Giblin highlights the widespread use of portable stages in schools,…

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The 3 Major Forms of Portable Stage You Can Configure to Maximize Your Investment

Purchasing a portable stage can be a significant investment. To maximize your investment and utilize it for a wide range of events, we have ensured that our portable stages are incredibly versatile. They offer endless possibilities for customization. Here’s how…

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Portable Stage 101: Understanding the Basics of Portable Stage 

Most people may have encountered a portable stage setup by walking past a council event, attending their kids’ school performance, or participating in their local church’s weekly assembly.  By definition, a portable stage is a platform or structure that can…

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3 Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Portable Stage

If you ever find yourself in need of a portable stage for your event, a common question that arises is whether to buy or hire one. Several factors come into play to determine which option best suits your needs. The…

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